With Nicole Rousseau, we discuss how to instill nurturing workforce culture.

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instill nurturing workforce cultureNicole Rousseau has made it her mission to help people in the workplace thrive. During a Fall 2019 appearance on The Tightrope Podcast, Nicole described how she helps people and hiring managers work effectively and happily to scale revenues, but also to make the work that they do more meaningful. She has been so particularly effective in her work that clients dubbed her the Queen of the Millennials—it is a hat-tip to her uncanny ability to empower members of the American workforce’s largest cohort. Without hesitation, she took that title and proudly made it her professional brand.

Instilling a Nurturing Workforce Culture 

Nicole returns to The Tightrope Podcast to discuss the role of nurturing in the workplace; hiring managers, she says, must look beyond their revenue targets to fulfill the emotional needs of their workplace talent. We spoke in January 2020, over Skype, from her family home in Western Massachusetts.

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Reflecting on a difficult week in the news that included the sudden passing of Kobe Bryant, we discuss deliberately pursuing second-act careers to do well, but also to do good for the world, our neighbors, and lots of people that we may never meet.

About our guest:

instill nurturing workforce cultureAs a kid growing up in the Berkshires, Nicole Rousseau dreamed about helping people and her community. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Smith College, an MBA from New York University’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business, and Professional Coaching certification from Columbia University. Nicole splits her time between New York City and Pittsfield, Massachusetts

EPISODE DATE: January 31, 2020

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