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Jake Mitchell, the founder of consultancy Serenity Labs, says that impact entrepreneurs tend to give all of their energy towards making a positive difference in the world, among people, and their communities. But, he also asks: how can those same impact entrepreneurs change the world for the better when they are totally drained?

It’s an important question—one that Jake is not letting go unaddressed. He works with people to help them to achieve goals that go well beyond building revenue scale to mindful pursuits. And among those goals: to carve out considerable time during the day to escape work and do something joyful.

For Jake, joyfulness comes from the precious time he spends with his girlfriend and playing Disc Golf.

To extend his considerable thought-leadership, Jake speaks to a global audience as host of The Conscious Leader Podcast. Each week, he interviews a wide range of thought-leaders—in business, academia, and the healing arts—who serve humanity.

About our guest:

As a young child, Jake Mitchell thought that he would become a professional baseball player. But, it was when he dreamt at night that he pondered the meaning of the universe. Jake earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from Skidmore College. In the years after graduation, he became a New York-based film producer. Then, he relocated to Boulder, Colorado where he brings the same deep well of creativity and passion to his work guiding and empowering impact entrepreneurs.

EPISODE DATE: January 24, 2020

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