Bravery Part 2, an episode about the superpower that people need.

About this episode:

bravery part 2When you heard the process that they went through to get there, it was painful and it was my process, too. It’s like putting aside everything you’ve ever been taught and saying: I’m really good at this. And, it all came down really to the biggest problem people have which is self-doubt.”

– Public relations executive Aimee Stern

By all measures, she was successful in ways that mattered most in the professional world: her business portfolio was profitable and scaling.

bravery part 2

But Aimee Stern discovered that her work, while effective in its strategy and execution, was done for people that she didn’t always respect. Aimee lamented that her focus was directed to [not messing up], rather than to making her work meaningful.

As a single mother of two kids, she couldn’t just “blow up” her career to do something else. But Aimee made a bargain with herself, to continue to scale her PR practice, but do it on her own terms.

And, that’s when Aimee Stern channeled bravery to do good and do well in her professional career.

In Bravery Part 2 episode of the podcast, Aimee describes:

  • The first act of bravery [starts at 2:30]
  • Why many people are not brave [starts at 4:40]
  • How GenZ, a generation exposed to existential crises, is our bravest cohort [starts at 9:57]
  • The impact of bravery on a meaningful work career [starts at 17:48]

About our guest:

Aimee Stern is the Chief Bravery Officer of Brave NOW PR based in Washington, D.C. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Education from the State University of New York Oswego.

EPISODE DATE: December 20, 2019

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