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Consider a Mid Career Internship

So, let us disabuse ourselves of the belief that internships are just for college students. It is true, college internships are perhaps the-most instructive experiences for guiding an establishing a burgeoning career. I learned many of the skills that I use today as a podcaster during my third-year-of-college TV talk-show production internship.

But with so much specialization, and skill requirement, thrust upon working people, a mid-career internship may help many to un-stick a stuck and turned-meaningless career.

Some people may be pleased to discover that mid-career internships are available to experienced or seasoned talent who have reached the end of their current career acts. They may be found directly at major corporations seeking experienced people, or through community college/professional career school programs. It’s best to take to Google and see what options are immediately available to you, and in your community.

For people seeking a second or third-act career doing meaningful work in sustainability, corporate responsibility, and aligned fields, we recommend looking at The Green Program based in Philadelphia. Here, enterprising talent quickly gain exposure to our fastest growing green and cleantech jobs in solar, wind, and geothermal energy at international sites such as Japan and Iceland. Program participants become subject-matter experts in clean energy and cleantech, giving them new opportunities to do meaningful work at some of the best companies in the world.

To learn more, check out The Green Program HERE.

When we free ourselves from work turned meaningless, our best days lie ahead.

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Photo credit: Intern, The Green Program.