Queen of the Millennials: One Leadership Coach’s Passion for Gen Y Empowers America’s Intergenerational Workforce

About this episode:

queen of the millennials“At the end of the first group that I had, we were wrapping up and we’re saying goodbye. One of them said, ‘you’re the only one who likes us, no one in the company likes us … you are like the Queen of the Millennials!’ And I was like—DING!!!—and I went on GoDaddy and got that URL!”

– Leadership Coach Nicole Rousseau

Nicole Rousseau is not a Millennial. And yet the “Queen of the Millennials,” as she is known within the leadership coaching ranks, is successfully empowering people from all demographic cohorts to learn from and embrace the generation that now comprises the largest part of the American workforce.

A former corporate executive with deep experience in leadership and training, Nicole’s current mission is to help management in companies successfully harness their Millennial workers’ buoyant energy and collaborative working style, for those companies that channel Millennials’ skills and perspectives well will succeed while others that don’t will be left in the dust heap of change.

queen of the millennialsIn this episode, Nicole discusses:

  • Her childhood dreams of doing meaningful work [starts at 3:35]
  • Her pivot into corporate sustainability and overcoming a fear of public speaking [starts at 16:55]
  • Experiencing layoffs and how that actually changed her life for the better [starts at 23:36]
  • Becoming the Queen of the Millennials and how she helps multigenerational companies thrive [starts at 27:22]
  • How Millennials have changed work [starts at 38:11]
  • What makes the work that she does meaningful [starts at 42:52]
  • Her deep interest in Localism and the Maker Movement [starts at 45:19]
  • Her thoughts on the future of work [starts at 51:15]

About our guest: As a kid growing up in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts, Nicole Rousseau dreamed about doing work that helped people and community. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Smith College, an MBA from New York University’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business, and Professional Coaching certification from Columbia University. Nicole splits her time between New York City and Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

EPISODE DATE: November 15, 2019

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