To B or Not to B: A Nature Lover Turns Businesses into Benefit-Driven Brands

About this episode:

Turn Businesses into Benefit Brands“[They’ve got some stuff] that makes good headlines on sustainability, but it is not moving many at all on the speed of urgency.”

– Jen Boyton, regarding her decision to “break up” with

As a young child growing up in rustic New Hampshire, Jen Boynton discovered the joys of nature. Play for her and her siblings was dirty, lots of sticks and stones…and mud.

Turn Businesses into Benefit BrandsIn 2007, she helped to launch and scale Triple Pundit which grew to become one of largest sources of news and information in the sustainability and social responsibility sectors.

Then in 2018, after exiting Triple Pundit, she founded BTargetedMarketing, a marketing services company based in San Diego that maximizes the localistic impacts of for-profit and non-profit brands and the people who work for them.

In this podcast episode, you will discover her:

  • Early childhood work dreams [starts at 3:00]
  • Unconventional schooling experience [starts at 5:44]
  • Pivot into the business world [starts at 18:49]
  • Business philosophy for BTargetedMarketing [starts at 23:54]
  • Breakup with Amazon [starts at 30:04]

About our Guest

From early on, Jen Boynton’s life path aligned with nature and community. And family dinner table conversations revolved around current events and politics. Jen’s passion for the natural world and social responsibility continues to this day through her innovative business, BTargetedMarketing.

Jen received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Pitzer College and an MBA in Sustainable Management from the Presidio School of Management. She and her family live in San Diego, California.

EPISODE DATE: November 1, 2019

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Why I’m Breaking Up with Amazon

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Photo credits: Green Cityscape, iStock Photo; Photographic Portrait, Jen Boynton