Dan Smolen on Podcast Insider

Todd Cochrane and Mike Dell of Blubrry co-host Podcast Insider, a popular weekly podcast with news and information about the podcasting space.

Blubrry is one of the world’s leading hosting services for podcasters. Dan Smolen hosts his podcast on the Blubrry platform and jumped at the opportunity to be a guest on Todd’s and Mike’s podcast.

Mike interviewed Dan about his origin story and mission as a podcaster, to help people navigate the future of work to do meaningful work. You can jump to the episode’s 18:58 mark to listen to the interview which Blubrry published on October 18, 2019.

Since 2018, Dan Smolen has been distributing his podcast to the world by way of Blubrry’s PowerPress platform. Doing so have brought Dan’s programming and distribution to professional standards. Dan’s first career act was behind the mic reporting news for his college radio station. Now, as host of his own podcast, he uses the skills he learned many years ago matched to the cutting-edge tool provided by Blubrry.

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