doing stand up comedyDoing Stand up Comedy Can Reconnect Us to the Beautiful Dreams of our Youth

Sometimes, the typical hard-working American finds themselves doing work that becomes devoid of meaning. According to Gallup Organization, 66 percent of the American workforce is not engaged at work: their jobs and management structures change often; work that they do becomes directionless; assignment objectives are vague, and; their workplaces turn toxic causing some people in them to suffer mental, emotional, and physical illness.

Considering that last impact: can you imagine how difficult the quest for meaningful work can be for combat veterans? Men and women in combat today enter or rejoin civilian work with astonishing levels of post-traumatic stress (PTSD). These veterans—who possess excellent work-ethic and many specialized skills learned in military training—struggle to get work that is profound, protects the planet, helps people and communities, and is fun to do—meaningful work.

That is why the Armed Services Arts Partnership is a game-changer. This nonprofit organization demonstrates how the arts—and in particular stand-up comedy—helps veterans to reconnect with beautiful dreams of their youth.

ASAP’s stated mission is to cultivate community and growth with veterans, service members, military families, and caregivers through the arts. But their real impact is in liberating people from fear, pain, and loss, to get them to a place of joy and empowerment. People who have benefitted from ASAP training and programming use their creativity to best express themselves and their purpose, and find greater success and happiness in life and work.

Later this month, we will get to support and cheer on brave veterans doing stand-up comedy sets in a public performance sponsored by ASAP; they are in inspiration for us who seek to reconnect with the beautiful dreams of our youth. And we hope to include them and their stories in upcoming podcast episodes.

Connect with ASAP here to learn more about their noble mission and to provide your support.

Our best days lie ahead.

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