As we will discover this season on The Tightrope podcast, bravery is an essential part of being successful. And why is that? The world is experiencing disruption like never before. And where that disruption is taking place most often is in the workplace, especially where AI (and robots) are doing more work that was traditionally done by people.

To be successful in work today means being acknowledged. 

And to be acknowledged means being brave.

With bravery steeling your spine, we urge you to do these three things now to live your dreams of doing meaningful work.

  1. Guide your bedtime dreams. Before drifting off, imagine a workplace where each day you arrive happy and leave happy, where members of teams support one another, where management seeks ways to make the work you do more profound and meaningful. Visualization is important in this process because—if we can imagine what makes us happy and well purposed—we can turn those dreams into reality.
  2. Take your “non-work happinesses” most seriously. One avid gardner that we know realized that her toil in the soil provided the happiness she needed to get through her week at a meaningless job that provided a paycheck and benefits but little else. And being a happy gardener got her to realize that what she really wants to do in work is help bring more fresh food to less well advantaged communities. Now, she runs an urban agriculture project.
  3. Manage your savings. Set aside 10 percent or more of each paycheck to do future work that is meaningful. Keep in mind that some jobs doing meaningful work pay less—or considerably less—than others. Building a meaningful work war chest through careful investment means that, in time, you will have the cushion needed to cover the difference in your income from a less-well-paying meaningful job. Please consult your financial advisor or tax preparer to map out a saving management plan.

And if you’ll indulge us, we’ll add an additional thing for you to do: end every day with a positive thought. Remind yourself that it takes time to walk the tightrope between the meaningless work you may be doing now to get to the meaningful work of your future. All of the wobbly steps you will take—one foot in front of the other—may seem onerous if not terrifying to imagine. But with patience, persistence, and positivity you will soon live your dreams of doing meaningful work.

You can do this!

Our best days lie ahead.

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