Beyond Dreams: where will the Tightrope take us? We tackle the topic.

About the episode:

On the Fall 2018 season of The Tightrope, we learned that, born from our beautiful childhood dreams, we can find success as adults doing meaningful work.

Through their own storytelling, our guests inspired us to seek out work and career opportunities that are profound, empower people, protect the planet, and fun-to-do.

But we also learned that dreams alone cannot lead to meaningful work. We must aid our dreams through exploration of work and entrepreneurial opportunities, a solid and well-thought-out strategy to pivot into a new role, and then bold action to make it all happen.

So why is this so important? Because, somewhere between childhood and our adult years, most of us abandon our dreams of doing meaningful work. Instead, we settle for meaningless work that covers expenses and offers some benefits…but renders us bored, miserable, angry, and longing to do better.

Beyond dreams, THIS is our journey. Let us walk the Tightrope together to leave despair behind and the promise of meaningful work ahead in our sights.

We’ll be taking some time off to prepare for the next season of The Tightrope podcast, expand our value proposition to you our listeners, and to help and inspire more people to live their dreams of doing meaningful work.

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Where this walk across the Tightrope takes us…we don’t know for sure. But we’ll take it the inspiring journey TOGETHER. And it will be amazing!

EPISODE DATE: December 14, 2018

Photo credits: Woman in Diner, Getty Images