Dr. Charles Glassman explains overcoming Brain Drain and other obstacles to leading a meaningful life.

“It’s so convincing, the physiological feeling that we have when we’re anxious: our stomachs feel tight, we might have to go to the bathroom, we might feel jittery, we might have brain fog, we might not feel on top of our game or strong. And those are very convincing feelings to tell us we have to fight or flee.”

Charles Glassman, MD

In this episode of The Tightrope with Dan Smolen podcast, guest Charles Glassman, MD returns to discuss Brain Drain, his study of how discordant emotions negatively impact our physical health. While board certified to practice internal medicine, Dr. Glassman treats his patients holistically by addressing their physical, emotional, and spiritual health. And while listening carefully to his patients, he has determined that we often try unsuccessfully to treat our physical illness through too much self-medication and prescription drugs, overreliance on specialists, and—most of all—not mitigating our mental and emotional pain. Dr. Glassman believes that, by controlling Brain Drain, we may all lead healthier and more productive lives.

Overcoming Brain Drain and other obstacles is key to leading a meaningful life.

In these key interview segments, Dr. Glassman:

  • Describes the meaning behind “Brain Drain” and the ill effects that it has on mind, body, and spirit [starts at 1:33]
  • Details how self-medication and over-medication can make our physical ills worse [starts at 9:00]
  • Offers his professional opinion on cannabis as an effective alternative to opioid pain treatments [starts at 16:34]
  • Delves into our emotional responses and the destructive power of holding grudges [starts at 18:28]
  • Lays out steps one can take to find profound meaning and “daily magic” [starts at 23:16]
  • Offers wisdom that he has received from his patients and how he applies it in his own life [starts at 28:03]

overcoming brain drainAbout our guest: From the time of his youth, Charles Glassman discovered that close friends sought, and appreciated, his advice. As a board-certified internal medicine doctor, and now as a well-recognized author and thought-leader, he finds his greatest purpose in empowering thousands of people around the globe to seek better health outcomes and more meaningful lives.

In 2002, he stopped accepting the health insurance payments that most doctors still take in favor of a “concierge” system in which patients pay his practice an annual fee. The result? His patients now get ample time with him and find the interactions more useful and enjoyable. What is more, Dr. Glassman gets beyond treating their illnesses to help them achieve a lifetime of wellness.

Part of his value proposition to patients is the advice that he offers in his blog. A patient once described Dr. Glassman’s wisdom as that offered by a coach, thus, Dr. Glassman became Coach MD. In 2009, and based partly on his newsletter and blog writings, Dr. Glassman published his first book, Brain Drain: The Breakthrough that will Change Your Life.

In 2018, he published an e-book to help readers thrive through our discordant times: Fake News Stories by Your Brain.

Charles Glassman received a Bachelor of Science degree from Hobart and William Smith Colleges and his M.D. from New York Medical College. His medical practice, the New York Center for Longevity and Wellness, is based in Pamona, New York.

EPISODE DATE: November 9, 2018

Dr. Glassman’s books include:

Brain Drain: The Breakthrough that will Change Your Life (Amazon.com)

Fake News Stories by Your Brain (FREE E-Book)

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