the experience shaper part 2

The Experience Shaper Part 2: One Performance Expert is Transforming HOW We Work

“I was across the country in probably 12 different cities—about 500 people—and I would ask the question: How many of you have had a transformativeperformance evaluation in your career? And only THREE PEOPLE out of 500 said that they had had a transformative conversation.”

Adrienne Shoch, Corporate Performance Expert and Founder of 5 to 1 Consulting

Performance reviews are a stable of the workforce.

It is how companies measure a worker’s job skill, set salary levels, and establish future goals. But they are also often ill-timed and poorly conceived, set out to accomplish too much, and leave both parties—the hired talent and the hiring manager—reeling.

In the Experience Shaper Part 2, corporate performance expert and “experience shaper” Adrienne Shoch shows us how we can radically transform the performance review process so that it helps the hiring company dramatically improve performance, mitigate on-the-job problems, and, provide people with better communication as well as a sense of partnership that renders the work done more meaningful and fun.

In this podcast episode, she

  • Describes how most hiring managers conduct their performance reviews improperly[starts at 2:01]
  • Explains the “5 to 1” process of holistic performance-focused practices [starts at 11:06]
  • Defines “experience shaping” [starts at 17:46]
  • Offers examples of how transformative performance reviews helped a major building products client boost sales and customer satisfaction [starts at 21:47]
  • Shares her insight on how listeners can make the work that they do more meaningful and fun [starts at 26:53]

the experience shaper part 2About our guest: Adrienne Shoch is the founder of 5 to 1 Consulting. By employing holistic, performance-focused practices, Shoch helps clients to understand how the brain, body, and language influence workforce behavior and decision-making. What is more, she empowers company leaders to effectively apply “generated from within us”skills and behaviors to build trust, inspire, and lead team members to overcome highly stressful situations and complex business contexts.

Adrienne Shoch received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Towson University. She studied French at the Sorbonne (La Chancellerie des Universités de Paris) and Neuroleadership at the Neuroleadership Institute. She lives and works in Washington, D.C.

EPISODE DATE: September 28, 2018

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