the experience shaper part 1

The Experience Shaper Part 1: One Performance Expert is Transforming HOW We Work

“As a child, I did have a moment when my mom said, ‘you know, you are going to have to work for yourself. You are going to find your way outside of what everyone else is doing.’ And I’ve never forgotten that.”

Adrienne Shoch, Corporate Performance Expert and Founder of 5 to 1 Consulting

Early in life, she knew that her mind worked differently than the other kids. She knew she was dyslexic. But she also knew that she was very smart. And her parents fully supported her dreams and life journey, with mom telling her, “just have fun, just go out and enjoy your day.”

In The Experience Shaper Part 1, corporate performance expert and “experience shaper” Adrienne Shoch describes how she turned difficult early life challenges into an extraordinary ability “to see things outside of the norm,” to understand how our mind/body connections work, and apply her unusual insight towards creating better work engagements and outcomes for her clients.

In this podcast episode, she

  • Describes early challenges with dyslexia and how conventional educational approaches offered her little utility or enjoyment [start point at 5:33]
  • Recalls the important life lesson she learned when everyone on her youth swim team “had a job” and how that model shaped the inclusive business practices that she employs today [start point at 11:43]
  • Relives the exhilarating college experience of moving to Paris when she spoke very little French [start point at 17:07
  • Explains the important concept of Systems Thinking and how she has applied it in her career [start point at 22:38]

the experience shaper part 1About our guest: Adrienne Shoch is the founder of 5 to 1 Consulting. By employing holistic, performance-focused practices, Shoch helps clients to understand how the brain, body, and language influence workforce behavior and decision-making. What is more, she empowers company leaders to effectively apply “generated from within us”skills and behaviors to build trust, inspire, and lead team members to overcome highly stressful situations and complex business contexts.

Adrienne Shoch received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Towson University. She studied French at University of Paris – Sorbonne and Neuroleadership at the Neuroleadership Institute. She lives and works in Washington, D.C.

EPISODE DATE: September 21, 2018

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Photo credits: Flystroke, Getty Images; Photographic Portrait of Adrienne Shoch, 5 to 1 Consulting.