Meet Eva Grodberg, a corporate escapee turned travel provider of epic experiences.

Imagine embarking on an advertising career on famed Madison Avenue, where all the entry level jobs available to recent college grads like you require proficiency in typing. Then imagine getting a lucky break with a pivot to print media sales where you rise to become a top direct response advertising sales mega-producer with a $20.5 million revenue portfolio and a huge expense account.

Next, imagine what happens when your great career in print media sales comes to a screeching halt?

And finally, imagine reinventing yourself in a dream role providing customized travel and leisure experiences to discriminating clients.

All that and more happened to corporate escapee turned “epic” travel pro Eva Grodberg. In these key interview segments, she

  • Describes her lucky post-college-graduation career in advertising sales [start point at 5:31]
  • Relives the “I should have gotten out of it sooner, but I didn’t” end to her advertising career [start point at 12:16]
  • Details becoming an entrepreneur [start point at 14:49]
  • Identifies the skills that got her to providing epic travel experiences [start point at 17:14]

corporate escapee becomes travel providerAbout our guest: Eva Grodberg experienced unrivaled success as a senior sales executive in the advertising industry, but after a sudden downsizing from her company, she reinvented herself doing work that she truly loves: providing epic travel and leisure experiences to discriminating world travelers.

Grodberg is the Founder and President of Epic Experiences, LLC. Our conversation covers her amazing journey from successful media sales executive, to corporate escapee, to blissful entrepreneur doing the meaningful work of her dreams that benefits grateful clients.

Grodberg is a graduate of the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York. She lives and works in New York City.

EPISODE DATE: May 11, 2018

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Photo credits: Corporate Escapee, iStock Photo; Eva Grodberg portrait, Karl Grobl.